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Dentalux Tivat and Prof. Dr. Jasminka Anđelić offers mentoring services to young specialists in jaw orthopedics, but also to other interested orthodontists who want to improve their practical knowledge in this field. The goal of this mentoring program is to improve knowledge and skills in direct work with prof. Dr. Jasminka Anđelić, an experienced jaw orthodontic specialist.

"I cooperate with a large number of practices in Montenegro, and at the same time I am in constant contact with students at the Stomatology Study Program of the Faculty of Medicine in Podgorica. From these contacts, the idea was born to transfer part of my experience and knowledge to orthodontic specialists, those who have just finished their specialization, or want to improve their practical knowledge in this field. This mentoring program is a good opportunity for knowledge exchange and professional networking" - points out prof. Dr. Jasminka Anđelić.

Mentoring work includes:

• One-on-one work with a mentor;
• Online and direct consultations;
• Work supervision;
• Case analysis;
• Support in treatment planning;
• Consultations with a specialist in pediatric and preventive dentistry;
• Flexibility in defining the duration of mentoring.

The work with the mentor is personalized and adapted to the needs of each participant individually. "The program is not designed as work in a group, but exclusively as cooperation and consultation in direct contact "one on one", which can be very useful when it comes to more demanding cases. Also, the trainee can involve the mentor in working with all patients, or choose the most complex cases to work on with the mentor's support," explains Dr. Anđelić. Those who participate in the mentoring program can expect an increase in work efficiency, a shorter duration of individual orthodontic therapies, and therefore the acceptance of a larger number of patients.

Interested orthodontic specialists can send their applications to the email address dentaluxtivat@gmail.com. The application must contain a CV (curriculum vitae) and a cover letter in which the candidate defines his expectations and professional goals, aspects of orthodontics that he wants to improve in practice and other details important for future work with the mentor.
The mentoring program takes place in Montenegrin/Croatian/Serbian/Bosnian and in English.

The price of the mentoring service is available on request.

Prof. Dr. Jasminka Anđelić is a jaw orthopedics specialist with decades of work experience and more than 4,000 performed dental treatments, which makes her one of the most experienced and sought-after orthodontists in Montenegro. He is a professor at the Dentistry Study Program at the Faculty of Medicine in Podgorica. Together with his sister, prof. Dr. Snežana Matijević, a specialist in pediatric and preventive dentistry, also a professor at the Study Program in Dentistry, has been running a private dental practice in Tivat for more than 35 years. The Dentalux team cooperates with numerous dental practices from Montenegro and the region, and now it is here for you.