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We offer the application of hyaluronic acid as the final phase of dental treatment. By combining dental procedures and hyaluronic acid injection, it is possible to achieve complete rehabilitation of the orofacial region with high aesthetic results.

Indications in dental practice for hyaluronic acid injection:

- puppet lines (created due to the reduction of the vertical dimension of the face),

- dento-skeletal profile discrepancies of minor degree (class 2, class 3),

- lip asymmetries (genetic and acquired),

- lip volume and contour (caused by atrophy in the dentoalveolar region),

- nasolabial folds,

- "smoking wrinkles" in the region above the upper lip,

- hypotrophic scars.



The offer of oral aesthetics, ie. teeth whitening, is wide, but the Zoom lamp is the fastest and most effective treatment for teeth whitening. A snow-white smile, without any harmful effect, and in just 30 minutes, is reachable for anyone. The zoom lamp works by whitening the enamel, without damage, from the effects caused by the consumption of coffee, tea, tobacco or red wine, for a period of one year or longer, if proper oral hygiene is applied. Teeth that have been bleached with a Zoom lamp will never be as dark as before the treatment. The application of the Zoom UV lamp is completely painless, and according to the conducted research, it reduces the sensitivity of the teeth by 67%.

The efficiency of the Zoom lamp is also indicated by the following: preparations intended for private use whiten a maximum of 6 shades in 7-14 days, various gels whiten up to 4 shades in about 30 days, while whitening paste gives barely visible results - up to two shades in a month or longer .

With the Zoom lamp treatment, Dentalux is giving away foils that can be used after a while, at home, for an even whiter and brighter effect!



After taking the jaw impressions, dental foils are made in the office, to serve as carriers of the whitening gel. Bleaching is then done at home. The patient, after a short training by the dentist, very easily whitens his/her teeth on his/her own, carrying a foil in which the gel is applied, for several hours a day. The whitening process of one jaw takes between 10-15 days.

This technique is relatively simple, and financially more affordable than laser whitening. The results appear gradually and last for a long time. During whitening process, it is necessary to stop the consumption of colored beverages, and tobacco products such as: coffee, tea, dark carbonated drinks, red wine ... After whitening and stabilization of tooth color, it is necessary to replace all visible fillings if their color no longer corresponds to the color of bleached teeth.



Dental jewelry is popular especially among the younger population. It present an easy and quick installation of a shiny ornament on the surface of a healthy tooth. The most common choice are glittering zircons, while those willing to pay more choose gemstones, gold and platinum.

Those who opt for this type of jewelry, should spend more time on oral hygiene, because the food tends to get stuck easier in the vicinity of the decorations attached to the teeth. Dental jewelry can last from 6 months to a year, after which it falls off or, at the patient's insistence, is removed by a dentist.

This kind of decoration of smiles is not new, because jade on the teeth was worn by the ancient Maya as a symbol of higher status. A similar way of beautifying smiles was applied in ancient Egypt, where special craftsmen made entire prostheses with ornaments made of precious stones.