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Restorative dentistry is one of the basic branches in dentistry and deals with the replacement of hard dental tissues with appropriate dental materials. Various factors can lead to tooth loss. In practice, the most common care is for teeth with carious and non-carious damage of varying degrees, care for fractured tooth crowns, teeth with discolored crowns, care for teeth after tooth root therapy and the like.

Restorative dentistry includes diagnostics, treatment of teeth and replacement of damaged tooth tissue with composite fillings. Modern trends in dentistry require the use of aesthetic adhesive materials that match the color of the teeth in order to fully satisfy the aesthetics and function. At Dentalux, we use the highest quality materials that enable the ideal aesthetic reconstruction of damaged and bad teeth: composites, glass ionomers, compomers.

Tooth cavity is the most common dental problem, and it involves the destruction of hard dental tissues and the creation of a cavity in the tooth. Microorganisms, saliva composition, poor oral hygiene, arrangement and shape of teeth contribute to the development of cavities. Regular visits to the dentist help a lot in the early detection of cavities and its almost painless healing.